Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Tried Pot

Quite unexpectedly, the opportunity to try pot fell in my lap. Long story short, it turns out my brother-in-law has a vaporizer and some product that he rarely uses. He offered to let me try it and since it's something I've wanted to do for a long time I took him up on the offer.

In my head the perfect situation for trying pot to manage my chronic migraines and fibromyalgia symptoms would be as follows:
1. To have a doctor with the expertise to prescribe a very specific kind of pot for my conditions.
2. To have a legal dispensary nearby where I could get that prescription filled with full confidence that I'm getting what I'm promised.
3. To be able to get this prescription in the form of baked goods or candy so I wouldn't have to smoke.
4. That insurance companies would recognize these pot laced baked goods just like they do any other prescription drug.

This day is very far away for those of us living in Missouri and certainly isn't how things turned out. I did like the idea of using a vaporizer instead of just smoking because it is a cleaner delivery system. Unfortunately, you still have to inhale the vapor into your lungs the way you would if you were smoking and that was very difficult for me to do. My body doesn't want anything in my lungs so it would involuntarily close up. It took an embarrassing 5 tries to get a good inhalation.

I managed to get two good hits and it did get me high. My upper lip went numb and my head got that buzzed feeling. I felt relaxed and quickly got super tired. As far as treating my pain, well, it didn't. I liken it to an air freshener. If you are trying to cover up a bad smell with an air freshener you often just get scented stink (at least that's what happens when you have a great sense of smell). I still felt my pain, it was just a bit masked by the effects of the pot.

When the pot wore off, my pain got much worse. I believe it was that buzzed feeling in the head that made my pain go from bad to worse. That's why I don't drink alcohol of any kind anymore. It's not the drink, it's that buzzed feeling that always triggers my migraines.

Since we don't have any ability to get different kinds of pot around here that might be more appropriate for me, I guess my vaporizing days are over. Maybe someday Missouri will progress and I can try it again under more ideal conditions. As disappointed as I am that it didn't help me, I am glad for the opportunity to have tried it.


  1. AWESOME that you got to try it! Boo that it didn't help. I've found that vaporizers don't work for me either, it's one of the very few forms of pot consumption that gives me a rebound headache. So retain hope, you may get relief in another mode of ingestion!

    1. Interesting that the vaporizer gives you rebound headaches. What form have you found works best for you?

  2. Wow, I wouldn't have expected you to get a headache after the vaporizer. I hope that there is something else will work for you.