Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Days

Hubby and I spent the entire Labor Day weekend looking for a couch for the new house. Our list of requirements for this purchase were simple enough: it needs to be comfortable, the back needs to be high enough that we could rest our heads on it, the bottom needs to be close enough to the ground that our little rabbit can't get under it and chew things, it needs to be made of fabric (no leather), it needs to be stationary and it needs to be a neutral tan or beige color. Considering the massive size of the furniture show rooms and the number of different show rooms around here I had full confidence that we could find just the right thing. 

Now you may be wondering what we are doing trying to buy a couch for a house that is still 3 months away from completion. Well, we have three big purchases to make between now and then (the couch being one of them). We've decided to space out our purchases to keep them more manageable. Plus, Labor Day weekend is always a great time to get good deals on furniture. 

We visited 5 showrooms. We walked up and down each isle sitting on all the couches that we thought might fit the bill. By the time we had made our way through ALL our options we hadn't found a single couch that fit all our requirements. 

Here's the thing, the vast majority of all stationary couches are not tall enough to support the head. The 3 (that's right, only 3) we found that were tall enough, low enough and comfortable enough, were all a really ugly, dirty looking, gray/blue color that we hated. Now, because we have a lap dog who spends all day on the couch we have been planning to buy a couch cover so we can keep it clean. That being said, I had hoped to some day not have to cover the couch, which is why I wanted it to be tan or beige. 

Unfortunately the perfect couch just doesn't exist. Since color was really the only area where we had some wiggle room, we ended up with one that that fit all the other requirements (that's it in the picture-the color was worse in person). We'll just have to always keep it covered. Despite making the one compromise I'm really pleased with the purchase. We got a good deal on a high quality couch that is migraine friendly and works for our family's lifestyle. Now we need to start researching appliances. 

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