Friday, September 13, 2013

Undone By Things Undone

So many things go undone around here. Everything from projects that should have been taken care of months ago, to weekly cleaning tasks that might not actually get done every week. After a while these undone things start to drive me crazy. I can only look at an undone project or chore for so long before the perfectionist in me gets frustrated and mad.

I like for things to be neat, organized and clean. No, that's not worded quite right. I need things to be neat, organized and clean in order to feel like I can move forward doing anything else. Clutter, dirt and unfinished projects make me feel cluttered, dirty and unprepared internally. Whenever I'm feeling like that all I need to do is look around and notice all that is undone and suddenly these feelings make sense.

Dusty table

Piles of papers that need to be dealt with

planters that need to be checked for spiders and put away 

I give myself a pass on some tasks because of all the pain, nausea, fatigue, brain fog, etc., etc., that regularly assault me. The frustrating truth is, I can only do so much on any given day so some low priority projects go undone for far too long. Once I reach my limit and start to feel undone by all that is undone around me, the pass I give myself expire and things must start getting done.

This is where I am now. Undone and needing to get things done, a.s.a.p. Time to enlist some help from hubby and push myself to overdo it a bit. I will pay the price in pain and such but it will be worth it in the end because it will clear my head and help me to move forward.

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