Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Result of a Wounded Spirit

I recently read an interesting post by Tammy L. Rome on entitled Migraine doulas Wanted. Basically, it was about how those of us suffering with migraines need empathy from people. Since we often encounter disbelief, pity and sympathy instead, we end up taking an us vs. them mindset. Here is a quick quote:

"Attachment theory teaches us that this mindset only happens after repeated attempts to connect, be understood and accepted. Polarization is a last-ditch effort at self-protection after all attempts to connect have failed. It comes from a deep wound inside the spirit of almost every migraineur."

This concept really struck a chord with me. Sure, I can relate. I put on a protective armor far too often these days when dealing with people. But what really struck me is how universal this is. I feel like we are watching the consequences of long-term wounded spirits unfold every day all over the world. We could replace "migraineur" at the end of that last sentence with almost any other group and it would ring true.

Being human is such a universal experience. Aren't we all wounded to some degree? All the more reason to be kind to one another.

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