Friday, January 9, 2015

Dr. Oz Continues to Promote Misinformation About Migraines

So I had the TV on in the background while working on some spreadsheets just a bit ago. The Dr. Oz Show happened to come on and wouldn't you know he did another story about migraines. He and his staff took the time to track down an actual human brain and cut it in half so he could point out the blood vessels that he claimed are responsible for migraines. He said that when the blood vessels dilate they hit nearby nerves, which causes a migraine. 
How is it possible that he is still perpetuating this myth?!?!?!?

Why won't he and his staff take the time to ensure they are providing accurate information? 

Every time I've seen him do this, I've taken the time to write in and tell him migraines are not caused by vasodilation and provide him with more up to date information on the cause. Clearly, the facts are not a priority. But hey, at least he had a nifty human brain on set and we all got to see him put on his signature purple gloves. 

This isn't the first time I've caught Dr. Oz providing inaccurate information about migraines on his show. I blogged about it November 1st, 2011, April 9th, 2013, and March 17 2014. I no longer seek out and watch the Dr. Oz Show because if he can't get this right, I feel like I can't trust anything else he says. The fact that I caught today's segment of misinformation is just dumb luck. But I did take the time, once again, to write in and ask them to get it right in the future. 

Obviously, I don't have any faith that things will change this time but I do have hope. If any of you would like to also write in and let Dr. Oz and his team know that the migraine community would like him to provide accurate information about migraines in the future, it sure is easy to do. Here is a link to his facebook page. 

Just as a side note: I found this interesting article online about the medical advice given out on both The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors. Kind of makes me wonder what the point of these shows are, if not to provide sound medical information. Shouldn't there be consequences for medical professionals who behave so irresponsibly? I tend to think so.

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  1. I don't watch either because of the misinformation they give. I have had relatives tell me, after watching these shows, I just need to do this and that and my headaches would go away. Right. I have had a headache everyday for 13 years, I think by now a simple do this and do that would be obvious to them that it wouldn't work. I mean I have been to several neurologists. I love the one I have now because she is actually trying to stop the headache unlike the previous ones who said there isn't anything they can do about a chronic headache but wanted to see me in 3 months to see how it was doing. I didn't stay with them long for that.