Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today on Dr Oz

Did any of you see Dr Oz today? The topic was on physician assisted suicide. As usual he had professionals and patients on both sides of this very controversial issue there to discuss their beliefs on the topic. If you missed it the show's website will have segments available for viewing.

I've long thought this to be an interesting topic. One thing that surprised me about this particular discussion was that it wasn't limited to the topic of terminally ill patients in crazy pain with no quality of life and no chance for improvement. Instead the topic was broadened to include people who have chronic pain conditions (they certainly weren't talking about chronic migraines or Fibromyalgia) but more physically limiting conditions like MS.

One of my biggest fears is being without my Imitrex and Baclofen. If any kind of disaster were to arise and my meds were not available, or if my body suddenly stopped responding to them and I didn't have any way to control my pain or relax my muscles enough to allow my migraines to resolve I would be in serious trouble. I've had extended periods of time (2-3 months) with daily migraines that never really subsided and it was torture; I couldn't think, I could barely move, everything hurt constantly, severely. Watching Dr Oz today I couldn't help but wonder if I was put in that position again only with no hope of any kind of medical intervention, would I want to have the option to just take a few pills and go.

I can sit here and wonder about how I would feel and what I would want but when it comes down to it my mind isn't even willing to let me explore this unlikely scenario. I very likely will never have the life I had before chronic pain took hold but I still do have a lot of quality to my life thanks to the medications I have and my wonderful husband and family. I may not be able to work but I can still manage to do some stuff. My situation could be a whole lot worse and while most of the time this is not a comforting thought, today it is. For whatever reason today it is.


  1. We do actually have the's for the very sick or very injured and is called A Living Will. When you sign a DNR they quit giving you meds and life support. My dad went pretty quick after he signed the DNR.

  2. It is a topic that I have often thought about, usually when I have major flares or severe headaches. I have a headache everyday and have for 7 years now. I can't remember what it was like not to have a headache.


  3. Wow. Powerful stuff. I have never thought about what I would do without access to my meds. I surely would have no quality of life. None. Scary to even ponder.