Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seriously? Office Incense?!?!

This morning was my social security psych appointment. You won't believe what I encountered in the office. Okay I won't keep you guessing...incense smoke. The whole place was thick with it. You can imagine how much this ticked me off.

When the guy came to get me, I asked him if there was another space we could have this appointment. He was not willing to be flexible about this matter. I explained that the smoke was going to give me a migraine. He said that I was welcome to leave. I told him that I wasn't welcome to leave, I was required to meet with him. He knew this was true and just shrugged it off.

At the end of the appointment I told him that I thought this office should be more considerate of patients with medical issues that make them sensitive to strong smells and smoke. I told him that I am not the only one out there who is going to struggle in this environment and the fact that he is doing these appointments for the social security office means they should be aware of such issues. I know this went in one ear and out the other.


Today's migraine is unnecessarily brought on by office incense. Office incense! Who burns incense in an office where patients come to get help?!? Seriously?!?!


  1. Un-farking-believable ~!~! Incense explodes into migraine for me, too. Owie, lights off, let's go heave, stop rocking the boat... I hate being put into those spots.

  2. I have never encountered office incense....was is a reeky old building? I just don't understand otherwise.

  3. Della, the office wasn't brand new but also wasn't a reeky old one either. It was just a regular old office building.

    I had never seen such a thing either before yesterday.

  4. not only would I have had a bad headache from it, I would have exploded into a huge asthma attack and probably would have had to go to the ER for treatment. Wow, that is rude and unnecessary. I do hope it goes away soon! What an insensitive person!