Monday, November 7, 2011

The Next Step in Disability

I finally got the additional paperwork from the Social Security office and I have very little time to fill it out and get it back to them so I'll be doing most of it this afternoon and then finishing it off tomorrow afternoon. It's all a bit intimidating. I hope I use the right language. I hope I don't forget anything. I hope I can paint an accurate picture of just how hard my days are.

I just feel such a sense of gravity surrounding all of this process. The information that goes into these packets and applications is what the powers that be will be using to decide if I qualify or not. That's huge!

The office told me to expect the decision to take 3-6 months, possibly longer depending on how long it takes to get my medical records. If the decision is no and I have to appeal, who knows how long this waiting period could extend. I don't want to have to go through that.


  1. Disability is a mixed bag of hurry up/ wait three months; oh my hurry again. I hope your course of paperwork goes smoothly and an appeal becomes unnecessary. Fingers crossed for you...

  2. Good luck! Make sure you copy the paperwork so that you have your own copy.

  3. My dad waited 18 months to hear...but luckily he found a dr that helped relieve his pain and was able to return to work before then.

  4. If you have to appeal, get a lawyer. It seems they can work magic in getting social security benefits going. Good luck sweetie!