Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Plastic Woes

No doubt plastic is one of those inventions that has changed our lives in a massive way. I assert that not all of these changes have been positive. Perhaps the best example of this is plastic storage containers. We all have them in our kitchens, be it Tupperware, Gladware or any number of other brands. Some are microwave and dishwasher safe, some are not. All are intended to make our live easier. If nothing else they are lighter than their glass or clay counterparts.

Let's not even talk about BPA, we'll pretend that all of it is completely safe. The problem will still always exist that it is a softer more porous material that soaks up color and odor. I've tried everything but bleach to clean my plastic containers but nothing works. No matter what I can still smell taco meat or chex mix or whatever pungent thing that was once stored in them. They are no longer clear but a cloudy reddish from all the red sauces of stew and such.

It has become so that I no longer use any plastic containers for my leftovers. No matter how much these are sold as light, cheap, convenient alternatives to glass I will never again buy into it. I have bought and replaced so much of the plastic crap - if I had just started off with the more expensive glass containers I would have actually saved money in the long run because they would still be around.

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  1. I keep a mixture of bleach and water in a spray bottle. It takes stains out of and off of most things...although a few a those containers... there is no help for.