Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Plan

For the past several weeks I've been trying to get a handle on the first step in the Attention Interpretation Therapy (AIT), which is just taking the time 4-8 times a day to focus your attention on something external. Weeks later I can tell you that I haven't even achieved a small grasp on this exercise.

I forget almost every day to do it even once a day and on the days I think of it, I usually forget after I've done it just once. It sounded like such a simple task, I can't understand why I haven't been able to remember to do it. Then again, I suppose that's why I need to be doing it.

I'm committed to doing this and have grown pretty frustrated that I can't seem to manage to integrate this one simple first step into my day. The way I see it, the only way to move forward is to completely abandon the idea that it is a simple first step that I can just start doing and instead spend some time each night making a plan for the day to come, which includes time set aside for doing this. I'm going to start writing it down and having it displayed. Hopefully then if I see it regularly it will remind me that I have this task to do.


  1. Good luck with it M. Do you do other 'mindfulness' exercises?

  2. Sounds like smart move: write it down and put it up where you can see it. I totally relate: I love yoga and how it makes me feel and do you think I can ‘member to do it every day even Once??~! hell no most days. It’s a mental block and if you figure out how to deal with it, I’ll put you on my Holiday Card List !!~!

    Seriously, if we can get over this hump, we can conquer the ... hmm, well, not the world but perhaps the Day...

  3. Joy, I'm hoping to do more mindfulness exercises soon once I can get the hang of this first one.

    Lynda, I'm going to keep working on it and keep you posted :)