Friday, November 18, 2011

More SS Frustrations

So the Social Security office scheduled two appointments for me - one with a neuro and one with a psychologist. I guess I'm not sure exactly what they want out of these appointments but I saw the neuro today. Guess what? I still don't know.

The best I can tell it was an absolute waste of my time. The office was a 1/2 hour away and the doctor was useless. He clearly didn't give a damn about my answers. He wouldn't tell me what the purpose of the appointment was and every time he asked a question, he wouldn't let me answer before he would interrupt  me with another question. He was downright rude about the whole thing. Perhaps worst of all, he didn't ask any questions about MY migraines AND he wouldn't listen to any additional information.

I don't know what the SS office thinks they can learn about  me and my conditions from the interaction I just had with this piece of shit doctor but I'm certain they won't learn anything. All I can do is hope that it won't effect the final decision.


  1. The doctors they send you to are meant to corroborate or contradict the records they've received from you and your team. My neuro appointment was super quick, too, and I figure it's because outside of a basic neurological exam to rule out other problems, there's not much they can do to verify migraine. So, he was probably just checking for obvious signs of other problems and will submit his observations to SS.

    The shrink will be similar. For my appt, we talked a little about feelings, a little about coping, about how my life was different before migraines and how I'm keeping myself going now. She gave me a short IQ test and had me recite numbers and and names back to her. That's about it.

    I'm sorry you got a crappy doctor. Hopefully the shrink is nicer. At least you never have to see him again! :)

  2. I do hope the second appointment goes better. I don't know how, but I got lucky and they cancelled the psychologist appointment that they originally had scheduled. Good luck with the process!!!! I am thankful that your appointments are so soon after you filed, when mine were schedule it was 4 months after my original appointment.


  3. I hate that - Soc Sec did me like that too several years ago. Sent me to an alcoholic and under-the-influence-at-noon doctor an hour from my place and the guy did the same thing as happened to you. I was rejected - soundly. Now I am 54 and can barely walk or use my right thumb and still no disability. WTF ?~!

  4. Make sure you tell SS that when you speak to them again! You didn't get anything out of the appointment, so how can he have assessed you?! Hopefully the psychologist appt. will go better.
    Good luck :)

  5. Good luck with the psychologist appointment. I actually don't remember having to see a neurologist for Soc Sec, but my appointment with the psychologist was sooo long (several hours) - and I still don't know exactly what they were looking for. They did IQ, memory, etc... tests. I asked for some breaks, but I mostly just wanted it to be over. It wore me out (I'm competitive with myself, so I definitely pushed myself too hard)! It sounds like everyone's experience is very different, though. I hope it goes well.

  6. Thanks for the great ideas and support!