Friday, January 23, 2015

What About The Snow?

So far this winter we've had plenty of cold and wind, rain and freezing rain. The holidays came and went. But we've had very little snow - basically just two dustings, neither required shoveling. I'm not exactly a huge fan of winter but one of the best parts about winter is a nice snowfall. If I can have at least 1 proper snowfall during the season then I'm a happy camper.

This was the most snow we got this winter
back in November. Didn't even cover the grass.
Snow has some real downsides around here. It doesn't take much to snarl traffic and overwhelm the DOT. They are never properly prepared and clean-up always takes too long. Schools are quick to cancel when the local weather even suggests it might happen. And yes, I do sort of judge the system. I grew up in Minnesota where even 2 ft. of snow doesn't shut anything down.

Still, a proper snowfall is magical. It's beautiful when it falls and as it rests delicately on each and every tree branch. A blanket of crisp white snow is like a pause button. It quiets the birds and seems to block out all manmade sounds. It's as if the whole world stops to watch and enjoy - so peaceful.

This may just be the migraineur in me, but I think the snow is best enjoyed when it's dark outside. A new snowfall will provide perfect ambient light once that pesky sun has gone down. Sunlight is never harsher than when it's reflecting off the snow and coming at you from all directions.

With February fast approaching I'm beginning to think I won't actually see a proper snowfall this year.

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