Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hope For A Cure - Or Something #MHAMBC

The blog challenge prompt for today is: Do you have hope that a cure will be found for your headache disorder? Tell us about your hope.

I guess the simple answer is yes, I do hope that a cure will be found. BUT I don't really believe it will happen in my lifetime.

Doubt exists within me for 4 main reasons:
1. Because migraines are incredibly complex and we still don't entirely understand what causes it.
2. Because there still seems to be so little will and interest within the medical professions to seriously tackle the problem. For example: there are woefully few headache specialists, very few research dollars, few medicines developed, etc.
3. Because many doctors don't even bother staying current on what is known.
4. Because there are NOT many diseases that have ever been cured. The medical professions have done an amazing job of helping people treat infections, replace organs, and prevent many horrible things that used to kill people. BUT we still don't have a cure for cancer, heart disease, diabetes or AIDS and we have collectively spent a great deal of effort, dollars and will aimed at those cures.

Sure, I hope all of that changes, even if it doesn't happen for another hundred years. I hope eventually political, financial and medical will all converge resulting in a cure. I hope millions of future migraineurs won't ever have to experience the long-term chronic pain and the subsequent wide spread life alterations and suffering that so many of us deal with today.

I hope for it in the same way I hope our political system will be fixed or that corporations will start doing the right thing. I would love to see it happen but can't seem to find it on the horizon. In the meantime I tend to aim most of my hope at improvement instead of cure. I'm full of hope that one day my migraines won't be this bad.

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