Monday, June 8, 2015

My Pets Bring Me Joy and Hope

The blog challenge prompt for today is: If you have pets that help you keep hoping, tell us about them.

I've made no secret of my love our sweet little fur babies.

Gypsy is our chihuahua mix that we rescued 3 years ago. She is my little shadow, snuggled up by my side all the time. Her unconditional love and admiration is a real boost. She is affectionate, loving and good natured. Plus, she is absolutely adorable. Just look at that face.

I bet you are either saying or thinking "awww" right now.

And we also have a mini-rex rabbit named Rupert. Now, Rupert isn't a snuggler but he is a very social guy who loves being pet on the back. Not to mention, he couldn't be any cuter. He is super fluffy, unbelievably soft and he has those giant bunny ears. Cute, cute cute! The pictures don't do him justice.

Look at that little bunny mouth - those bunny lips just crack me up!
Just when you think he can't get any cuter he starts running around and jumping up in the air, doing what is called bunny binky. I don't have any video of Rupert doing this but I found this youtube clip to show you what it looks like:

Gypsy and Rupert are not exactly friends but I think that is mostly a communication problem. Gypsy will make playful overtures that Rupert interprets as threatening gestures and they walk away mad at each other. Then Rupert will reach out by presenting his head for grooming (it's a bunny thing) and Gypsy will completely ignore him, which Rupert will interpret as an insult (another bunny thing). The good news is that Gypsy has no prey drive so outside of hurt feelings Rupert is safe.

These two sweet hearts are endlessly entertaining. They bring me joy and they reduce my stress. I can't imagine being without them.

The Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge is organized by the American Headache and Migraine Association.

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