Saturday, April 24, 2010

Currently, my hair is a really dull dark blonde. It used to be a light blonde that glowed with a tiny hint of strawberry, but those days are long gone. Back when I was working I would get some nice red and blonde highlights - but that also came to an end when the income did. You know how it can be with hair...sometimes you start to just itch for a change.

I started to get that very itch this morning and now I'm wondering if I can pull off really dark brown or black hair. My skin is naturally fair so I can't help but think such a change could go either way. It might be a really nice contrast and be interesting - or - I could look ridiculous.

I've been so frustrated with my hair lately. There has always been a bit of a wave, but since the surgery I had on the back of my head last summer (on the occipital nerves) the back has been downright curly. Don't get me wrong, the curls are just fine by me. The trouble is that the front seems to have turned very straight. I may not be in control of my style, but I can control the color :)

Maybe I'll seek out a temporary dye just to test it they even make such things anymore?

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  1. You know what you could do is to go some darker and if you like it then later, go darker still. That way if you don't like it then at least it's not crazy dark that makes you look emo or goth. Before I had posterior fossa decompression (chiari zipper) I dyed the hair that surgeon would shave bright pink. I gave it a little going away party. Drove my mom nuts, even though I was 36 at the time. Teeheehee