Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Cherry Blossoms

I remember seeing news coverage of the national cherry blossoms throughout my life and wishing I could see them for myself. I've always wanted the experience, but just not enough to make a special trip to DC for it. Who could have guessed that time would find me living in a DC suburb. Last year was our first spring here and I ended up missing the blossoms taking care of my husband who had just had his tonsils removed.

Today I finally got to head downtown as the blossoms were peaking. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the forecast was calling for a high of 80 degrees so I decided to head downtown in the morning so I could at least beat the worst of the heat. I knew the combination of riding the metro and walking around outside was going to trigger a migraine. I wore a hat and my dark shades in a feeble attempt at prevention, which of course didn't work. But...

But, it was so worth it. I have a lengthy list of triggers but most are not so enjoyable. One lone cherry tree in a yard is beautiful. What makes the national cherry trees so exceptional is the sheer volume and their proximity to the grand monuments. I'm glad to have had this opportunity. And I don't even mind paying the price.

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