Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tools of Comfort

Here are some current tools I use for comfort when I'm having a high pain day...

1. Pillows: I have lots of fluffy, soft pillows around the house - very handy when it hurts even to use my neck muscles to hold up my head.

2. Christmas lights: I strung some Christmas lights around our bedroom. It provides a much more tolerable level of light throughout the room without the focused source of our lamps, which can feel harsh even with 40 watt bulbs.

3. Ativan: When the pain is intolerable I can take this with my other rescue medications and it will knock me out. Sometimes it is just better to sleep while the meds do their thing. I don't use it often, but am comforted just knowing it's available.

4. Heat: I know cold is supposed to be what you use on a migraine, but cold makes my body very tense and actually causes pain. I am comforted by warmth, especially by breathing in warm air. Often I'll cover my head with a blanket, the wonderful dark warm comfort!

5. Room darkening curtains: I've been very light sensitive since I was quite young (probably because I've had migraines since I was quite young). These room curtains do such a great job of blocking out most of the sunlight on really sunny days, which is such a big comfort. It allows me to do more than I otherwise could while in pain.

Gosh, I sorta thought this list would be longer when I got started. Oh well, maybe I'll find more tools of comfort along the way. What are your tools?


  1. I have a stuffed animal to cuddle with (or make up stories about) for when my migraines are bad. Also, I have a large-ish collection of favorite dvd's that i can put on in the background to help keep my mind off the pain. (If the migraine is worse, I will cover the tv screen and if it's really bad I have to turn it off.) I also like to have my cell phone nearby so I can text friends for help if I need anything.

  2. I would have to say that my #1 tool is hubby's touch. When it's a particularly horrendous headache if he will come lay with me and touch me, it helps me relax and fall asleep. I also enjoy soft, soothing music or guided imagery. But I prefer to put my mp3 earbuds under my pillow so I can hear it ever so softly. And the usual suspects dark room, ice, and rescue meds Toradol shots.

    Yes, my gloves and stocking syndrome is nerve damage from Chiari.

  3. That is a great list. I hope the Christmas lights add a bit of special magic, as well as the right level of brightness!
    My CI isn't migraine, but I do need those special tools/friends. My friends are silence, a big hot bath, heat bags for my feet, miso soup, masala chai, (not at the same time), comfy favourite clothes, and wonderful recipe books to browse.