Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morning Me

I love mornings - always have. When I'm up early I feel like I get more done, have more energy and am more together/organized. Mornings have always been my time to think about the day to come, to get ready, watch some news, have some breakfast and be alone. I continued to enjoy my mornings even after the sharp increase in my migraines, but when I stopped working I began to lose this time.

When my migraines increased I found that I just needed more sleep. It became more difficult to get up at my usual early hour, but I still really needed that time for myself. In the past two yeas since I've stopped working I've found myself sleeping until 7:30 or 8:30 in the morning. Absolutely unheard of, even when I was a teenager. Surprisingly I'm not beating myself up over it, but I do miss my morning time.

I tried to recreate my mornings, just a little later in the morning, but it didn't work because now I get up about the time my husband does. There is a whole new routine now in the mornings. He has priority in the shower and such because he has a job to get to. So I end up fixing breakfast and making a lunch for him to take and I do some cleaning and such until he leaves. Then I spend the entire day alone. We've moved around so much and right now we live someplace so big, and I don't have work so I just don't have things to do or people to see outside of my housewife stuff and doctor visits. My life is so different now that I just don't need my morning time the way I used to, but I miss it all the same. Perhaps mostly because I miss the involved active days of years past.

I still consider myself a morning person but I guess, like so many other aspects of life with chronic pain, I've had to redefine how it manifests in my life.

Are you a morning person or a night person? Has it had to change with your health?


  1. I am very similar M! I loved getting up early and being with the day as it began! Today I got up at 8am (which seems quite early these days!) and (slowly) walked around the flat block with our companionable little kittencat and was just thinking how I missed those mornings!
    With chronic illness I seem to live outside the daily cycles!

  2. I am definitely a night person. But I understand what you mean about mornings. Before I quit working I was the first one up and was gone before anyone else was up. I miss that quiet still time. And you are right about it being different. Because I can have quiet still time 12 hours a day now because hubby is working long hours; but it's not the same.

    I also completely understand what you are saying about quitting and moving. I had to quit my job as a travel agent after 16 years. A year later we moved to Washington from Oklahoma; plus my son stayed in Ok to attend college. So there I was in Washington with no kid, no job, knew no one and felt like a nobody. And the weather up there is so dreary!! Can you say "Hello, Depression!! Would you please be my new best friend?" Thank God we are moving to Arizona after he is finished in Korea. I already know a handful of people there!