Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thanks To YouTube

I've recently committed to finding and reviving my creative side that has been quieted by my excessive migraines. To get me started down that path I spent some time over the weekend watching old music videos on YouTube. I never really spent much time on YouTube until recently when I discovered that you can watch any old music video you want!!

Music is such a wonderful gem because a song can bind itself to our memories and emotions like superglue. From about 6th grade on music was a very big part of my life and definitely a big part of my creative process and expression.

So, I got started with some Motown Philly and right away I was transported back to the early 90s. I went through about 4 hours worth of videos and then needed to be put myself to bed. During this time I was reminded of parts of me that had mostly been forgotten among the pain and stress of the past several years. Even better than that, I was able to experience those feelings again. I found myself laughing out loud, getting teary and even danced a bit. It was thrilling.

Even though I didn't wake up with all the same feelings, I know YouTube is there for me any time I want those experiences.

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