Monday, April 12, 2010

The Latest Idea

I feel negligent for not having posted anything for the past week. My mom was in town and so most of my time and energy went into hosting. Fortunately, her visit happened during a good migraine week so I really did get to enjoy my time with her.

I have missed the blogging though and am happy to be returning to my routine. One thing of note that happen last week was my neurology appointment. My doctor had an interesting idea (she is fantastic about thinking outside the box) about a possible cause of my pain. Apparently she had another patient like me with frequent migraines that were not responsive to the usual preventative medications and had really bad TMJ pain. Turns out this other patient had a degeneration of her TMJ joint and all was relieved by joint replacements done by the Mayo Clinic. She has ordered an MRI of my jaw area to see if I may have the same kind of degeneration in my joints.

A solution, any solution, would be welcome. But I have to admit the idea of having my jaw joints replaced is a bit intimidating. It sounds painful and like it would leave big scars on my face. How does one eat and talk while recovering from such a thing? I don't even want to go down these roads of thought yet because I don't yet know if my joints are in need of replacement.

I'll go and have my MRI in just a couple days, but will have to wait until my follow up next month before I have the results. Until then I'll work to keep the what ifs at bay.


  1. Hey! Found you through chronicbabes. Like you I have frequent migraines. However, I do have an answer for mine...a rare neuro condition with no cure. And we have been unable to find a daily medication that offers relief; therefore, all of the meds I have are for fixing the migraine AFTER I get it. I'll be following your blog and I always enjoy meeting other women that understand the constant struggles of living with migraines.
    Renee' (aka Shalunya)

  2. Wow, that does sound intimidating. But it would certainly be nice to stumble on a real solution. I know most people are happy when a test comes back negative, but it's different when you've been searching so long for an explanation for all this.

  3. I love the quote you shared with me. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I don't know if you have heard about this
    I don't even recall how I was lead to it myself. But it is certainly something that may hold some hope.

    Hope today finds you happy and pain free.