Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Migrainista And A Wife

Living with chronic pain has forced some drastic changes into my life. It's a constant challenge to cope and to figure out my new limitations. Deep down I'm still the same woman, but my mind isn't as quick as it used to be and, more often than I would like to admit, my frustrations surrounding my pain overflow into frustrations about silly little things. It's hard for me...I can only imagine how difficult it is for my husband.

He seems to handle it all in stride. He is incredibly supportive of me doing whatever I need in order to get better. He works really hard to take care of our little family. He takes really good care of me when I am at my worst. He never gets bothered by the mess that can accumulate around the house when I'm having a string of really bad days. He is a really great man, a wonderful husband, and I love him so very much!

I only wish I was a better wife - and by better wife I mean not in pain all the time. If I was able to work we would be more financially secure and that would take some of the pressure off my husband. Plus, I bet at times I'm probably not much fun to live with. I'm not yet fully adjusted to my present state and so I struggle because I'm not the perfect wife I want to be for him. In my head I know this is ridiculous because all people, all couples have their own set of struggles. I just want so badly to be in control of my body again. I want to decide what I do and when instead of my migraines dictating so much of my time. Partly I want this for me, but mostly I want this for him.
Being a migrainista and a wife can certainly be tricky but it also comes with many blessings. I'm thankful every day for my loving husband. He is a wonderful companion and friend. I can't imagine having to face all of this without his love and support.


  1. I hope your husband reads this!

  2. I went through this same thing. I finally had to look at it from his perspective. If he were sick and I were his caretaker I would just want him to enjoy everything he could and not feel indebited to me. I would just be grateful to have whatever good days his health allows. When I walked in his shoes it made me a gracious care 'receiver'. Remember, love is really all you need! ;)

  3. This is a wonderful post and as I read it the post sounded like I wrote! I too have a wonderful Husband and I also an guilty and mad all the time. I do not have pain like you do, but instead debilitating fatigue which has certainly changed my life. When we married I wasn't sick, but he has stayed with me through it all. We are lucky Babes!