Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heat or Anxiety

Wow, so this is my 301st post. Cool.

I rolled out of bed this morning about 6:30am, got dressed and headed right to the grocery store. The temp was already 89 and the humidity, very high. We're in a really hot spell right now and I'm struggling a lot because of it. At least I think it's heat.

I suppose it could just as well be anxiety. Either way, I feel like all my insides are twisty and icky. There is still some moving business that will need to be addressed but I wouldn't think that is anything to be anxious about. But then again, the very nature of an anxiety disorder is that I can get anxious for no reason at all. Annoying...

Thankfully, I have some Ativan to take tonight before I go out for dinner with my family. Do you ladies struggle with physical anxiety responses that seem to come from nowhere? How do you manage your symptoms?


  1. It probably is a combination of both. I don't usually do too well in the heat. I stay in a lot during the summer.

    I hope you enjoy dinner tonight, and that the ativan helps!

  2. I can relate. Out of nowhere I'll get butterflies in my stomach or a rapid heart rate. Even if I'm at home and nobody's around. It's so annoying. Things that help me are therapy and exercise. When I exercise it's like I'm burning off all the nervousness.

    I had really bad anxiety and depression during my last move, so it might just take time for you to adjust. Hang in there!

  3. I know what you mean. I find it so confusing that I can cope through difficult times and then freak out when I'm doing nothing in particular. Delayed stress maybe?

    I hope the Ativan helps!

  4. I struggle with this, too. It (anxiety) never makes sense. But, moving is VERY stressful. I'm in the midst of my move, and it's wreaking havoc on my body. I hope the Ativan helped, and that you're feeling more calm now.