Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Body is Pushing Back

My grandma continues to make progress every day and she was even moved out of the ICU last night. It's great to see bits and pieces of her personality come back as she stabilizes. I'm still spending a big chunk of my days with her. With my aunt and uncle needing to return to work I've been spending the bulk of those hours at the hospital.

This change in my usual daily routine has created some very long days as there continues to be so much to do around the house. I'm not yet done with all of the moving business but I did manage to secure some new insurance for us this week.

I'm exhausted and after pushing my body for 5 days straight my body has decided to start pushing back. This morning the exhaustion continues and now I also have a migraine, leg pain, back and neck pain. Between that and today's heat index forecast to be 117 degrees I just want to crawl in bed and stay put until fall. But I ought to go down to the hospital and spend however much time I can with my grandma.

I figure I'll rest this morning and pull myself together this afternoon and spend a couple hours with her. All I can do is what I can do - I don't think the rest of my family will fault me for needing to take care of my own health today but my limitations are very bothersome during such times. I wish I could do more, I wish I were better.


  1. You need to forget about finishing up your place until grandma, and you are feeling better. If you continue to do too much, your body will do more than push back. I worry about you, and the heat and humidity does affect fibro...I've been feeling it too. Spend some time at the hospital, but take it easy at home. Stress and over activity isn't a good combination with fibromyalgia. Take care of yourself M, and let hubby take care of you, too!
    Gentle hugs!

  2. Well the place is finished enough, but we still need to get our vehicles inspected, new license plates, registrations and driver's licenses. All of this was supposed to be done this week. It just won't happen. I'm also still trying to get our old bank accounts closed...moving to another state sucks!

    I feel like I'm barely able to keep up with the basics around the house right now, not to mention all this other moving business. The outstanding business hangs over my head making me feel lazy and overwhelmed. I don't know why I beat myself up like this...