Thursday, July 28, 2011


This past Saturday my husband and I went to the local humane society and picked out a new pet rabbit. Our previous rabbit, Mr. Miranda, died of old age 3 years ago. He was a great joy to me, my husband and our dog Lucy. We've wanted to get another one for a long time now, but always said we would wait until we move back to the midwest and the move from Minnesota to North Carolina with our other rabbit was a huge trauma on poor Mr. Miranda. He didn't eat for about 6 weeks causing him to lose half his body weight. The vet said he looked healthy, was remaining active and hydrated; eventually he would start eating again. And he did but it was clear we would not be getting another rabbit until we settled on a city long-term.

Now that we're here and are settled in the apartment we decided it was time to find another rabbit to join our family. We went to the shelter intending to get a young rabbit that may be more easily trained and would last a little longer (rabbits don't live long). When we got there it was a 2 year old Rex that pulled on our heart strings. We had to wait until yesterday late afternoon to pick him up as they insisted on having him fixed before letting him go.

The wait was long but we're all very excited to have him home with us, especially Lucy. She knew what was coming when we set up the cage, food, hay, litter and stuff. The familiar smells and the excitment in her tail convinced me she knew we were getting another rabbit. She's done nothing but think about and pine after Rupert every since he arrived. Since he is still recovering from surgery he is supposed to remain in his cage through the end of today. The wait is more than poor Lucy can bear.

You can see, just how cute he is.


  1. A www!!!

    I had a rabbit named Sophie about 10 years ago. I got her for Brendan when he was 3. She was a little fiesty though and scratched a lot!

    Do you train them to roam around your house and are they calm???

  2. Rupert is adorable! You are going to have so much fun having him around (and so is Lucy!)

    I had bunnies when I was a kid, and my kids had rabbits and bunnies, too. The kids always got a kick out of feeding them carrots :)

    Congrats on your new family member!

  3. They are mighty smart animals and very trainable. Since we adopted him at 2 years of age, it is unknown if was litter box trained or not. It may be a little tougher after a couple years but we're giving it a try. So far he seems real sweet. He lets us pet him and pick him up but he is pretty stiff when we do. Once he is fully recovered we'll have a better idea of his temperment. If nothing else he's mighty cute and soft :)