Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Balancing Healthy with High Calories

Like most Americans my age and younger, my diet contained large amounts of sugars and all kinds of chemicals. That crap is in almost everything. After years of trying to avoid the common food triggers for migraines with no results it seemed food wasn't the real problem. Yet something inside me was calling out for better food. I figured it couldn't hurt to try an entire diet overhaul. In March I cut things like meat, sugars and processed foods from my diet. While my body is pleased to be eating more natural good foods it has made no difference in my migraines. Why? Because food isn't a real problem for my migraines. The truth is that presently I don't know what has caused my migraines to go from 2 or 3 a month to 18 or 20 a month.

What I do know is that food is a real problem during and after my migraines. The nausea, fatigue and fogginess that surrounds both the migraine and the rescue medications have a way of killing my appetite. The result has been a loss of weight that someone my size can't afford. Now I have to spend all kinds of time thinking and planning my meals to strike a balance between healthy and high calories. I've been forced to compromise some of the healthy foods I want to eat for other less healthy choices simply so I can consume enough calories. All the planning and preparation is a real challenge, especially on the days when I've had to battle a migraine.

I don't think there is a single area of my life that has not been impacted by these rotten migraines.


  1. Sounds like we're going through the same thing, except I have 20+ headache days a month and about 3 migraines. I also tried cutting foods from my diet, with no luck. But I've decided to eat mostly fresh, unprocessed foods which means cooking from scratch. It is a pain, but it's worth it for the body (even if it doesn't make a difference for the head). Keep up the healthy eating! :)

  2. Sounds like we are. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering! Here's to good health.

  3. I'm glad to hear someone else has a similar issue. I've been on Topamax which caused some weight loss I couldn't afford and changed my tastes. I didn't want to eat unhealthy foods just to get calories, but it is hard to maintain. I have to be vigilant and plan well to get the nutrients and calories I need.

  4. Julie, I'm so glad you shared! Battling underweight issues is often a lonely struggle. Thank you!