Friday, June 18, 2010

An Unlikely Enemy

I'm a leaner by nature, some might say a comfort seeker. I'm a big fan of pillows behind my back and head, armrests, foot stools. I lean on the counter as I cook and do dishes. I lean on the sink as I brush my teeth and apply make-up (when I do). I like to rest my elbows or lower arms when I sit at a table. Whenever and wherever I can, I lean. As you can imagine, the onset of chronic pain has just increased this tendency.

Much to my displeasure (but understandably), I've developed serious nerve pain in my arms and hands. One unfortunate byproduct of this pain is the development of an unlikely enemy in the armrest that now only contribute to the pain. Even the armrest on an upholstered chair like this one can spell trouble.
The affection I still hold for the armrest is confused by the development of this enemy status. I find myself a bit jealous of people I see on TV or in movies who are leaning on armrests without consequence, which I know is ridiculous. Maybe some day I'll again enjoy leaning on my arms.
Have any of you found an unlikely enemy born out of your pain?


  1. Oh, yeah! For me, it's fans. The drafts just make me ACHE, which really sucks because I live in central Georgia and it's HOT, so everyone uses air conditioning with a ceiling fan. There's no escape from the breezes . . .

  2. Yeah I can understand that. Summer must be a tough time of year for you.