Monday, June 14, 2010

A Simple Pleasure

I grew up playing the original Nintendo Mario games.

For a couple years, back in the day, we just had the one cartridge that came with the gaming system with Super Mario Bros 1, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet.

While I enjoyed playing all of them, Mario was the most fun. After a while my sister and I had it all figured out and winning became too easy. When Mario 3 came out we were lucky enough to get it. Starting it up for the first time was so thrilling as it was so much more sophisticated than the original. Eventually we had figured out all the secrets and again winning had become all too easy. A friend of mine had Mario 2 and she lent it to me for a time.
I was never really able to make any significant progress in this one. Maybe it was just because I didn't spend nearly as much time on it and I was a bit older.

Anyway, I had become nostalgic for the old Mario games a couple years ago. My husband was able to find it on EBay and got me the system and Mario 1 and 3 for me. I had such fun getting reacquainted with the games and even remembered many old tricks and secrets. I don't play often as it irritates the nerves in my arms, but I still love doing it now and then for short times. A simple and perhaps childish pleasure. Sometimes those are the best ones.
Did you ever play these old games? Or do you have anything you still enjoy doing from your childhood?


  1. I loved the original Nintendo system and Super Mario Brothers. We've had a lot of fun playing the updated version on the Wii.

  2. The waterfalls always made me kinda seasick, but other wise loved the Mario Brothers!

    I was the cool aunt who let my nieces and nephews play until the wee hours of the morning.

  3. Santsa brought me a Wii sytem & got "super mario Bros" for bday!! Lots of similar gameing techniques from the ols mario bros. The video games have gotten me thru some rough patches! Glad you got another old system!! Have fun!!

  4. I'm so glad to hear you-all have found the fun again too!