Thursday, June 3, 2010

Early Migrainistas

As the summer heat and humidity sets in I can't help wondering what it must have been like around here 200 years ago. I've spent some time learning about our nation's early years and the people of that time since moving to the DC area 19 months ago or so. The images from those times depict clothing as rather formal (in comparison to modern times) and covering most of the body even in the summer heat.

It is practically unbearable to be outside when it's 95 with thick humidity (as it is all summer around here). Then I consider how new things like air conditioning, deodorants, indoor plumbing, washing machines, and tank tops are. These modern conveniences were unheard of to the early Americans. They were trapped, sweating in their clothes (and they didn't have many outfits) and couldn't wash themselves, let alone their clothes, every day. The resulting stink must have been very normal and maybe not even noticed because of that. Except to migrainistas...
Imagine being a migrainsita of early 1800s...with sensitivity to lights, smells and the inescapable, oppressive summer heat! There is no medication to help you escape the pain. You can't get comfortable. No matter how cool it would have been to witness such an interesting time in history I wouldn't trade modern conveniences for that chance. How did they do it?
Being a modern migrainista is no picnic but it is far better than it was even 50 years ago. I hope future migrainistas have an even easier time of it.

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