Monday, June 21, 2010

Bath Day Fun

Today was bath day for our dog. After a record hot June she had become so stinky it was hard to be around her - and I love being close to her. The heat isn't letting up, but I can't exactly wait until the end of September when the sweet relief of fall begins to descend on the area to give her a bath. She is not a big fan of the running water associated with the bath but she likes all the attention and rubbing and combing of her coat. I personally think she seems proud once all is said and done with the prancing she does, but I recognize this may just be my projection.

She is so pretty and after a bath she is just stunning. The longer hair around her neck and chest becomes all fluffy and the white on her legs practically shine. Between the fluff and her snuggly personality she is absolutely irresistible. Totally worth the arm/hand pain and pulsing it triggers in my head. Despite any pain that results, bath day for our dog is always a positive day.

This is her pulling the stuffing out of a new toy, which is always the first order of business. It really has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but she's just so cute holding onto her stuffed animal.


  1. What a beautiful puppy! Bathing my dog always triggers my head, too. For me it's the leaning, and the smell of the flea shampoo I occasionally use on her. It's terrible. But that fluffy puppy look she gets just after she dries off is heart melting. LOVE!

    Yay dogs! :)

  2. what a beautiful labby! Mine can spell B-A-T-H and S-O-A-P so no sneaking up on my little weiner dog....

  3. Yay dogs!!! :)
    Winny, you have one smart dog do have learned spelling.