Monday, June 28, 2010

Car Care Blues

I took my car to the shop today for a pre-trip oil change, fluids, tire checks, and new front brakes. $Yikes!$ I needed the brakes and they were on sale...but still the labor is so expensive.

Dealing with car repairs and maintenance makes me mad. I always feel like I'm being taken advantage of. I want everyone to make an income they can live on, but charging $300 an hour just is not reasonable. Nobody deserves that much money - but what can you do about it? These things have to be done if you want to keep driving your car.

I wish I had a close friend or family member who knew how to do these things and could do them for me at a reasonable rate. I honestly don't mind paying to have this service performed, but I don't appreciate being bullied into paying such high rates by the industry as a whole. They do it because they can get away with it - I get that. It just makes me so mad.


  1. Just a word of advice from someone who is related to a lot of mechanics - make sure your free labor is sober before they work on it! Last free brake job I accepted....YIKES IT WONT STOP!!! :) $300 seems more than a bargain after you fly through a controlled intersection and four lanes of traffic!!!

  2. How awful! Yeah - that's why I just want a discount. I honestly don't have a problem paying, just not $300 an hour.