Monday, June 7, 2010

The Date is Set

I got to see my neurologist today. I was supposed to get the results from last month's EEG but, as usual, the hospital never bothered to send the results to the doctor. It will now be a couple more days before I get my results. This goes to the very heart of why I want to spend some time at Mayo. My super wonderful neurologist took care of everything. She loved the idea of me going out there and got right on the phone to make it happen. She'll send all my info and they'll talk with her directly about my care...what more could I want :)

I had reasoned out the best time for me to go would be early July, but of course everything depends on their schedules out there. Luck was on my side today as the first opening is July 12. I'll have to be out there a few days before the appointment, but that's okay. Gives me more time with my friends before playing the hurry up and wait game at Mayo.

Now that I have a date set I'm getting excited about the trip. It has been 3 years since I've been home and even longer since I've seen some of my friends. Rochester is a fantastic and growing city so I'm also looking forward to getting acquainted with all the changes of the past few years. The only real downside is being away from my husband for this unknown length of time.


  1. Great work! I hope that now it all falls neatly into place!

  2. That was quick!!! Hoping for great things, and a good EEG report.