Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Specific Hope

I've spent a good part of today preparing for my upcoming appointments at Mayo. Time with the doctors will be short so I'm doing a great deal of preparations to maximize this time. Part of that was trying to understand what's going on with my tempromandibular joint. I started by learning about the anatomy of the joint, which allowed me to sort of understand the copy of the radiologist's report on the TMJ MRI that I have, though I still don't know what it means. Then I spent some time looking at the different disorders and treatments options.

The more I learned about the tempromandibular disorders the more convinced I got that my jaw issues could very well be the cause of my frequent migraines. This makes me even more hopeful about my trip even if it means surgery and a longer stay - away from my husband and home. I like having a specific hope. For the past several years I've mostly felt hopeful that we'll be able to turn this cycle of pain around. But this generic hope that I get my life back somehow, someday just isn't the same galvanizing hope that I feel as I learn how many of my symptoms are indicative of a specific issue with a specific solution.
Even if it doesn't work out I'm glad for the time now with my specific hope. It just feels good.


  1. Yes! Enjoy that wonderful feeling of hope!
    And may it be the case! I hope too!

  2. I hope that is the case too! Good luck with your trip to Mayo. Sending healing thoughts your way.