Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Passion Thief

Once upon a time, in a land farther away than I would like, my life was filled with the colors and textures of passion. This land was populated with wonderful people, art and style. During this time the passion that galvanized my days seemed to be vast and renewable because it sprang out of my very core.

I had reached a level of maturity that I believed made me prepared and qualified to protect this passion from any kind of assault.

I just never imagined my migraines could become insidious thieves of my beloved passion. I'm certain there are remnants left behind by this thief. Sometimes I think it is just seems that way because the memories of it are so vivid. But then there are times when I feel it in a present moment - the wonderful magic of present day passion. Not long after my body starts reacting to the passion the pain begins it's stealth journey. Sometimes it takes several hours for the pain to overpower the passion and sometimes just minutes, which got me thinking that my passions are indeed vast and renewable.

The trouble is simply the chronic nature of my migraines. My daily battle is to have any positive feeling that is bigger than the pain and nausea I feel most days. The passion is there; it's just that the migraines are obstructing my access. In the spirit of honoring my passions I have constructed a short list of my passions.

1. My wonderful, amazing husband
2. Family & Friends
3. Art, Music, Theatre, Movement
4. Laughter
5. Good Conversation
6. Thinking


  1. Hoping this eventually ends with a "happily ever after"!

  2. Your passion comes through here very clearly!

  3. You still have those passions, I'm sure! One day, I know you will be able to actually enjoy those passions w/o the migraines being so rude as to interrupt all the time!!