Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Wednesday Wish

I wish there was some kind of shade I could cover the TV with. Something that would take the edge off the brightness on the days that I'm struggling with light (pretty much every day). I can't lay around with my sunglasses on all day...that will just make matters worse for my head. I'm picturing this being a similar product to the magnifying screens you can get for the TV.

Something that would be easy to remove and replace as needed, cheap and it should come in several different levels of darkness.

I know that you can actually adjust the level of brightness on most TVs but I want this product because my bedroom set doesn't have that capability anymore. My motivation is purely selfish, I know. And surely nobody will actually manufacture this product. This is simply a Wednesday wish.


  1. Agreed! I sometimes put a sheet over mine, but it makes it hard to see the picture at all well.

  2. For a small TV - you might try a polarizing screen you can get for old CRT's - they aren't too expensive!

  3. These are great ideas! Thanks ladies!

  4. Maybe YOU could invent it and get rich! ;) lol