Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learning Patience

Limbo continues as we continue to wait for the final decision about this job my husband has been interviewing for. He sent an email out on Wednesday to get an idea of where things were at and received a message back saying that things were still moving forward, something had come up that needed immediate attention but they should have an "update" for him early this coming week. He didn't indicate a decision, rather an update to be coming. ARG!

On a different note: my appetite has been growing over the past week or so. I've been on the pill now for about a week and since then the bleeding I've had can hardly be considered a period, my basal temperature hasn't gone down and my breasts are still tender. I'm feeling off and am starting to wonder if I may be pregnant. It hardly seems possible but this is all rather unusual for me. I think I'll call my doc on Monday and just see if this can be chalked up to the new med or not.

Why do I always have such wonderings early on a Saturday? I guess I still need to learn patience.

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  1. Hiring decisions sometimes take a long time. It was five months for Big Corporate Insurance company to make up its mind about me!!!

    Glad you have a bit of an appetite!!!