Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eeyore Had The Right Idea

I'm feeling blue today. There isn't likely a direct cause for feeling this way, I think it's just one of those days. You know how sometimes things just pile up? Most of the time you work on being positive and thankful for what you do have but sometimes it all just catches up and there you are, feeling blue. Right now, that's me.

I have decided not to fight it. Instead I'm laying low, indulging in comfort seeking behaviors. I'm curled up on the couch with a warm throw on this chilly, wet spring day. I'm watching daytime TV but not really paying much attention. I'm eating whatever, whenever and sipping tea. It's nice and dark outside due to the rain so I've lit some candles for ambiance. I'm not really worried about getting anything done. I just want to lounge and be blue.

Every have days like these, when you really feel Eeyore had the right idea?


  1. Mine was yesterday, hope the cloud disappears soon!

  2. Yes!
    I hope you can just enjoy some Eeyore melancholia until a little bit of piglet comes back!

  3. There are blue days. You have the right idea with cuddling on the couch and just having some time for yourself.

  4. I think laying low and taking it easy is perfect. The more I learn not to judge myself, and then when I actually stop judging myself for not doing what I think I should be doing, or just be OK with having a down day, the better I am. Accepting who we are, which will include a down day here and there, is best for our health isn't it? That being said, I hope tommorrow is a more cheerful day for you.

  5. Yup. Been there. I hope the Eeyore day of Rest was helpful for you. Every now and then a down day like that is totally necessary.

  6. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I am glad you are just relaxing and not doing too much. My down day was monday and I think I pretty much cried all day.