Friday, March 18, 2011

Mourning and Celebrating

I'll admit it, I spend too much time lamenting over what I can't do. All the things that I used to do and enjoy that I just can't manage now with all the pain, nausea and brain fog that dominate my days. BUT, that is not helping me to manage my day to day life.

Things are different now and even though I can't do many things I used to, that doesn't mean I can't do anything. I've really been through the ringer these past several years and the reason I know that I can still do things is that I've done them.

Here are some of the things that I CAN do:
- I can make it through each day, hard or not, pain or not, depression or not.
- I can learn things and continue to grow as a person.
- I can manage all my domestic duties.
- I can still exercise and take good care of myself.
- I can make good decisions.
- I can be a good wife and friend for my husband.
- I can blog.
- I can be and have fun.

There really is quite a bit that I can do.

That being said, I can't help but wish I could do more. My days swing between mourning what I can't do and celebrating what I can do.



  1. It is so hard not to compare our life now to what it used to be, or what we expected it to be.
    But Hooray for the things we do celebrate!

  2. Thanks for this reminder about all of the things we *can* still do. Some days it's easier to remember what used to be.

  3. I agree its hard not to really feel the loss of our "old" pre-disease scope - right there with you! But thank you for letting us celebrate with - and be proud of! - you for everything you still do! This is a lovely list!

  4. I *love* the list you've shared here! It's so natural to want to keep track of all the things we CAN'T do and I love the way you've turned it around.