Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still Waiting

Well we still haven't heard anything about the job my husband has interviewed in Missouri for. A week ago Friday they asked for references, which I figured was a very good sign. But still no final word. Now we wonder if they offered the job to someone else and are just waiting for a response from them before passing down any bad news, or if they are just super slow in making their decision.

To say we are anxious about it would be an understatement. We want to move back home so badly...this waiting for a verdict just gets harder and harder the longer it lasts. He had his first phone interview back in January. But we know he was the first phone interview and the first in-person interview earlier this month so we have been waiting a long time. There is plenty of evidence to support the theory that this whole process is taking a lot more time than they had anticipated-but still.

I'm trying to convince myself that there is still a chance things will work out and that we'll soon be moving but the more time that passes the harder that is. I feel myself settling back in again. I'm not so worried about tailoring my meals based on perishables in the fridge. I'm no longer looking at our stuff as an upcoming logistical issue in preparations for a move. I'm even starting to think about what my husband and I could do to enjoy the area this spring as temps become increasingly more tolerable.


  1. Waiting is so hard!

    Maybe he should call and say he was wondering if they have made any decsions regarding the job position?