Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Now, The Pill

I've been in a major hormonal funk the past few days. I usually go through a fair amount of pain, mood swings, bloating and head to toe feeling of discomfort leading up to my period. This period is a little different as I was to start taking the pill the Sunday after it began, which, as luck would have it, started on Sunday.

A couple days in, my period has been different, I'm having all kinds of strange dreams, and just feeling different from the normal different I feel this time of the month. I'm on edge and very uncomfortable. Last night I made mashed potatoes for dinner. Just mashed potatoes. I intended to do more veggies and stuff but after getting as far as mashing the potatoes I just couldn't rally to do more. Fortunately, if I can even use that word here, my husband was in a funk too and didn't feel like eating more either. So we had some vegan chocolate chip cookies I had made over the weekend because they didn't require any effort.

I spent a good portion of my 20s on the pill and so I wasn't really expecting to notice a difference. Maybe it is simply coincidence that I'm feeling funny now. Or maybe as I'm older and fast approaching 35 when they say you are more likely to experience blood clots and such when on the pill.

The idea here was to treat the endometreosis that claimed my right ovary just over a year ago after an unsuccessful year trying hard to get pregnant. I would very much like to keep my left one but am not sure that the pill is going to be an acceptable long term solution. Fortunately, that is something I shouldn't have to worry about right now so I won't.

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