Monday, April 11, 2011

Dog Tired

I'm still recovering from what was a terrible weekend. It became obvious on Friday that the new med Dr Garza had prescribed was not going to work. I honestly didn't think my dry mouth could get any more dry than it was, but it did. It got a lot worse and I just had to stop taking the medication. All my teeth and all my gums hurt so bad, they were so dry, all day long. I'm just not willing to lose my teeth over this medication.

I've also been on the birth control pill for a 3 weeks and have been experiencing all kinds of bad side effects. I called my doc about that last week and never heard back. Then on Saturday night I began experiencing tingling and pain in my lower leg. After about 12 hours of this pain, which of course had to happen over the weekend, my husband took me into the ER. They didn't think it was a dangerous clot but were not able to tell what it was without doing some testing, but didn't have anyone to do the testing...whatever, so long as it wasn't an emergency I figured I could deal with it today.

Through all of this, I didn't get much sleep, and certainly didn't get much done. I feel like I wasted the entire weekend feeling horrible and am left dealing with a terrible migraine this morning. I've put calls into both docs already and am looking forward to getting back on track with my treatments. Even though the migraines and my endometreosis are clearly the more important issues, I'm pretty worried about losing my appetite again. I LOVE the weight I've put on and I LOVE enjoying meals again. I would be so crestfallen if I started to lose weight again.

Now, after two nights of little and poor sleep, I'm dog tired and will likely spend most of the day on the couch. Blah!


  1. Wow, doesn't sound like the birth control will be the one for you if you already have a blood clot! please be careful with that thing!
    Plus a dry mouth, plus a migraine, plus no sleep, plus no appetite - That was just a no good weekend. Hoping you get some changes this week to make things better...I was so happy you were starting to enjoy food again!!!

    PS I had a great dane I rescued many years ago, love your illustration!

  2. What do you mean the hospital didn't have anyone to do the test??? That's ridiculous! And you are not able to rule out a blood clot without an if they did no testing...they would not have been able to tell you it wasn't life threatening! Sooo frustrating!