Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The New Preventative

I spoke with Dr Garza late yesterday afternoon. He's the headache doc I saw at Mayo when I was in Rochester back in December. He had instructed me to call after about 3 months on Amatriptyline and update him on how it had gone. It took about that much time for me to sort of get a handle on what was going on.

The benefits have been real but the side effects have been very real as well. Since ultimately they didn't cause a meaningful decline in the frequency of my migraines we decided to go ahead and try something different. I was sort of relieved to get the new prescription of Nortriptyline. It is also an antidepressant similar to the other one. He says this one is often better tolerated in terms of the side effects and as a bonus I should have the continued appetite and boosted mood that comes from the antidepressant. I had some anxiety about going off my present med because I have loved the appetite and weight gain that has come with it.

I had tried this drug once before but at a much lower dose, which Dr. Garza has already explained to be ineffective. I have more faith in Dr. Garza as opposed to my neuro doc here because he has spent his career working specifically with headaches where as the neuro doc works with all neuro conditions. He just has more experience. But I still need my other meds from the neuro doc so I do need to go back and see her again. I have an appointment scheduled in a couple weeks that is already causing me some stress.

I will need to tell her about this new med that I'm on, that she had originally put me on at the lower dose. I will have to tell her that Dr Garza prescribed them and that I want to try this his way. The girl in me feels guilty as if the neuro doc will feel betrayed by me. But I simply won't let whatever amount of people pleasing tendencies in me make a decision that is not right for me. But it will be uncomfortable for sure. I'll have to work on my wording in advance to help reduce the stress of having this conversation.

Any advice?


  1. I had one doc that was a real jerk this way, but she didn't want my recalcitrant unknown headache (at that time) in her patient load. No advice, I am sure you will handle this diplomatically and well!!

  2. Cheers to you M, and fingers crossed for a good response to this med.
    Your neuro doctor is part of your team and surely she will be professional and supportive!
    Good luck that you have the right words and not too much stress!

  3. It's really tough when you have doctors who disagree on your treatment. I know when I go in planning what I will say, it flies out of my head the minute they walk in the room. Write it down, and take it with you so the doc doesn't get you flustered and make you forget what you wanted to say.

  4. Remember, you're number 1, not the doc. Do you mind telling me what dose of the other you were on. We are slowly increasing mine. Also, my muscle relaxer had bad side effects, too. So, I had to lower it. I take it when I start to notice my skull feels crushed and it helps a lot! About onces a day as opposed to two. Also, I asked my doc about Depakote, which helps calm the brain too, but has serious weight gain. I don't think I'm ready for that. Hope the new one helps!

  5. Mindy I was taking 50mg...good luck with your meds.