Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Medication Challenge

I haven't been feeling like myself lately. My migraines have been really bad and the nerves on my head are screamingly painful including my entire scalp, face and neck. Everything makes it hurt worse even a breeze moving my hair, or resting my head on a pillow causes my head pain. My eyes and ears are so much more sensitive than usual, and they are usually pretty sensitive. The extreme nerve pain is more than enough to create a bad migraine situation and since it doesn't go away, neither are the migraines.

I put a call into Dr Garza at Mayo - again.

In the meantime I'm just trying to take it easy and make it through the day. Since resting and napping is just as painful as activity I'm finding the best relief comes from distraction. At least if I can think about something else for a while, I can get a break from thinking about the pain. Of course, right now it is pretty hard to distract myself from this pain...the rescue meds are not terribly effective for the present situation so I'm kinda on my own here.


  1. :(

    Just in case you haven't tried one of these yet: how about a hot shower and some stretching? Ice packs? Very gentle trigger point therapy and/or scalp massage? Meditation? I hope you get some relief soon.

    On a happy note, did you see the latest Food Revolution? I am so in love with what Jamie Oliver is trying to do.

  2. I do hope you get some relief soon. I hope the rescue meds start to work for you.

  3. That is the exact same pain I feel everyday! It's like a constant pounding headache with severe nerve pain, mixed with migraine with aura. My scalp and neck are SUPER sensitive. The best distraction for me is ice. But I also find squeezing my head to be strangely helpful. It hurts, but it's a different hurt. Wierd, I know! I also take narcotics, which are helpful for that type of pain...somewhat.

    Feel better, friend!!! (((HUGS)))

  4. steph, these are great ideas, I think I might try a couple now. I'm following Jamie's revolution very closely - I totally agree!

    Thanks for your well wish Heather :)

    Jessica, I can't imagine doing this every day. My sclap is usually tender but this intense pain is too much on top of everything else. I'm going ot try squeezing...maybe a scarf or something.

    Thanks friends!