Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wondering What This Means

So last Saturday night my legs began to ache. My toes were tingling and it almost felt like the lower half of my leg had fallen asleep. Over the past week it has waxed and waned at times feeling like a dull ache and at other times feeling like a pain or throb. A few days back my other leg decided to join in.

Here I am a week later and I can't help but wonder if this is the start of another ailment. Am I developing Fibromyalgia or some other condition that will spread my pain? I've read that these kind of conditions are often seen together, although it sounds like the medical community doesn't understand why, it has been observed.

I can hardly stand to entertain the thought for more than a few moments. The very idea of trying to tackle another chronic pain condition is overwhelming right now. I'm already a little overwhelmed by my migraine, endometreosis situation combined with trying to relocate. For now I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that it goes away...please let it just go away.


  1. My neuropathy sometimes feels like that. Oh hoping it is just a nerve that got squinched for a few minutes and is just waking up.....

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to handle another diagnosis, but it could ultimately help with the management of your Migraines too. It is hard to think about with so much going on. Have you contacted your doctor about it yet?

  3. Have you let your specialist know? It sounds like something that should be checked out!
    Good luck!