Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Heart It

I am just loving Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Have you been watching? I don't have kids so I'm really not that in tune with how school lunches work. Watching this show has been quite eye opening on that front. Pizza for breakfast, french fries being considered a veggie, prepackaging individual portions in plastic that the kids can just microwave...the list of craziness goes on and on.

I don't exactly know how today's school lunches compare to those I grew up with. I always brought a sack lunch with me and I grew up in a house where meals were prepared from recipes with real whole foods. I can remember hating the way the school lunches smelled. And on the rare occasion I tasted items from the trays of friends and I never liked any of them. Even the school pizza was gross. However, I had several friends who always ate the school lunch and really enjoyed it. Looking back on it today I think it tasted bad to me because I wasn't used to eating processed foods.

Anyway, I love with Jamie is trying to do and I sure hope meaningful changes will take place across this country. No good can come from a bad diet.

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