Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wardrobe Switch

I'm getting set to do one of my favorite bi-annual activities, switch out my winter clothes for my summer clothes. I always keep a small stock of spring/fall appropriate stuff out to aid the transition but at this point, I'm not going to need all my sweaters and sweatshirts and such. And the days are becoming consistently warmer. More 60s and 70s than anything else so it is time to have more short sleeve options.

Over the winter I get the chance to miss my summer clothes so when it comes time to bring them out I almost feel like I'm getting a new wardrobe. Then by the time fall comes around I will be missing my winter clothes and excited to start wearing those pieces again. Adding to the fun of switching out my wardrobe is the fact that I store the unused pieces in a cedar chest so the clothes always come out with that wonderful cedar smell.

This spring is extra exciting for me because of the weight I've put on. I think I'll be able to fit into the skirts and jumpers that I love so much but haven't been able to fit in for a few years. I've never been a big fan of shorts - not really sure why -but I've found that skirts are a great alternative, as they allow for all kinds of air flow.

Do you find yourself missing your summer wardrobe over the winter?


  1. WooHoo!! I am so glad you have felt well enough long enough to have a bit of an appetite! And it sorta translates into an expanded wardrobe - yeah!

  2. I always miss my summer wardrobe! I LOVE spaghetti strap shirts, flip flops, capris... So much fun. I like switching my wardrobes out, too!