Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Fountain of Youth?

I recently saw a story on the news about how science is getting close to "curing" aging in people. Supposedly this is not just about extending the length but also the health of our lives. The people being interviewed were so excited about life and wanted to live as long as possible.

Ah the age old search for the fountain of youth. I get it. Don't we all want to live good as long as possible? Sure. But don't we also want to do so with the understanding that there is a limit, that eventually life ends and we move onto the next stage? Don't we grow weary?

I find the whole thing sort of troubling. I do want to live and I want to be healthy while I am alive. What I don't want to do is live for 150 years or more. Heck I don't think I want to live to 100. The world is changing so quickly and not for the better. The world's population is already stretching our planet's resources, can you imagine if people start living for hundreds of years? Technology is pulling us further and further from interpersonal skills. And don't even get me started on the way food is produced and consumed.

Days are long enough, life is long enough. Perhaps instead of trying to extend it artificially we should learn to make the most and do our best with what we are given. It is enough...even if we can't understand that.

I think these efforts are a waste of money and time. I think it shows extreme short sightedness. The problems human beings of today face are numerous and complex. Let's focus our efforts on solving those instead of creating new ones. Let's stop looking for that fountain of youth already so we can live our best lives while we have it.

That's my two cents anyway...what do you think?


  1. I think a lot of money and time are wasted on stupid scientific BS that doesn't do any of us any good. Although I wouldn't mind living healthy for a long time, and I think it would be cool to watch technology continue...I totally agree about exceeding our resources.

  2. Same goes for religious leaders/followers telling others that the big rewards are after we die. WTH is that about ?~!

    Do good now, take care of those in front of us; live like today is what you get because we don't know there is anything after we die.

  3. I don't want to live forever, that is for sure. I would like to live a healthy life and not be sick all the time. I would want everyone to be healthy and happy in their time instead of focusing on living forever.


  4. I completely agree with you. Even if we can figure out a way to extend life... should we? It really will come with a whole slew of new or transformed issues that will have to be faced. If we don't have a grasp on the problems of today, why would we try to extend our reach even further? Oy!