Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Doc Relief!!

I saw my new migraine specialist at Washington University today. My wonderful migraine doc at Mayo had such amazing things to say about this guy and I've waited 3 months for this first available appointment. He was worth the wait.

He wants to take a broad approach in my treatment. Meaning that instead of trying one thing at a time, trying a bunch of things all at once. He is going to restart me on B2 and Magnesium, send me for biofeedback, back to a chiropractor/acupuncturist, set me up with Botox again and increase my daily dosage of Cymbalta.

What I found interesting is that he was encouraged by what I said about the Botox. I have been thinking it was a failure because it hasn't decreased the frequency of my migraines. Over the past couple of weeks, as I've passed 3 months since initial injection date, is that I've seen more neck spasms and pain in the back of my head. I hadn't realized this has decreased until it started to increase again. I think it must have been the Botox. What the new migraine doc said is that Botox has shown to provide more benefit for people like me over time. He thinks that after a year or so on the Botox I could see a reduction in migraine frequency.

Obviously this is encouraging. Hopefully the insurance company sees it the same way.

I think what impressed me most about this new migraine doc is his approach. I like that we are not going to be doing one change at a time. I stopped caring about where this pain is coming from a while ago. I don't believe there is a magic bullet for me out there. All my body parts are interconnected and treating the whole body and mind sounds like the best approach. SO GLAD TO HAVE A DOC I'M ON THE SAME PAGE WITH!!!!!

I feel relieved.


  1. Such encouraging news M! Cheers to you and your new doctor.
    Season's Greetings too!

  2. that is simply great news. I am so glad that you FINALLY have a doctor you can work with! I am really glad that he listened to you after so many wouldn't. I wouldn't trade my doctors in the world because they listen and then together we come up with a plan. It is wonderful when that happens.


  3. Unfortunately botox is not so effective in treating migraines. I have a few friends that had it and their opinions are different. Some say the frequency of their headaches decreased but others felt no difference.

    I did a little research and the ones that had botox in Toronto at a clinic with good reputation had better results than others that chose a cheap offer.

  4. It's so good to hear this! I am so happy for you :D My fingers and toes are crossed for you sweetie, that this new doc has the answers you've been looking for.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that you and the new doc are on the same page. That is so important!

    I've had three Botox treatments, all in Toronto, but a different center than the one Julia mentioned. It's called the Rothbart Pain Clinic. They have about a dozen pain specialists on site at all times and they do nerve blocks, acupuncture, and some other treatments.

    I've only ever received Medical Botox for my injections, as the clinic does not use Cosmetic Botox at all. My doc there said the two products are quite different in terms of strength and effectiveness.

    I have been getting between 3 and 5 weeks of relief from each treatment. My doc has also indicated that the treatment should last a bit longer as time goes on.

    Best news! The Ontario (provincial) Health Insurance Plan now pays for Medical Botox for use in headache treatment. That means that I don't pay any part of the visit out of pocket anymore, yay!

    Good luck with the new doc!