Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sick with a JibJab Smile

As I begin to catch my husband's cold I'm slowing down. No big surprise. Even under the best of circumstances I tend to get every bug that goes around. This time of year life is just busier with holiday shopping and such so it doesn't take much.

With Christmas a little more than a week away my perfect plan of balance and moderation is no longer going to work because now my body has to fight this bug. There are still a few things that will need to get done so I will employ more help from my husband once he gets to feeling better.

Today as a little holiday pick-me-up I went on and created a free animated holiday card with my husband, our dog, our rabbit and my faces. If you have never done this, I would highly recommend it. It will make you smile, I promise. 


  1. Hope you feel well soon and are able to enjoy the holidays!

    My daughters family has made some cute cards with JibJab. They are awesome!

  2. I get a lot of what goes around too! I hope you feel better!