Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Baking

Wow, Christmas is going to be next weekend already! Time always goes so fast during the holidays. My husband's birthday is on Wednesday so this week promises to be quite busy. I'm starting to feel like it is about time to do a bunch of festive baking. I'll bake the usual sweet potato pies, pumpkin bread and cookies.

Watching Martha on the Today Show a couple weeks back I found myself thinking I could actually make these fancy yummy cookies. Obviously Martha has a book on cookies, and I had intended on getting it and trying some new ones this season but it hasn't happened. Now that I'm all geared up for holiday baking I'm regretting not picking up the book.

I suppose there will be plenty of the usual baking to keep me more than busy considering my state.

What baking do you do this time of year?


  1. how cool about the Christmas baking! I love baking but since I can't stand for a long time, I use the slice and bake kind unless I have company to help. Then I can bake from scratch! Happy baking!!!


  2. Yeah, Martha does everything perfectly pretty!

    I have been candy making, with help from Laci and Kyle. I have made 2 German Poppyseed Cakes, an old family favorite, and I want to make some Cranberry Cheesecake Bars, and some Sour Orange, and Lemon Pies. I do want to make your Sweet Potato Pie before the end of the year!

    This past week went by way too fast, and I feel so behind in my preparations but have been so tired.