Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rice Paper Me

This is my 400th post!

My husband and I joke that I'm made of rice paper because I am so physically fragile. Seems like the most innocent things can cause me pain or take me down. This afternoon, for example, I took our dog for a walk. I decided to take her around the neighborhood a bit since it is 60 degrees outside. Half way through I realized that the breeze, as warm as it felt, was cool enough to cause my ears great pain, which is now beginning to trigger a migraine.


The list of little things like this that trigger pain in my body is lengthy, which has long been a source of frustration in my life. The good news is that being able to joke about it with my husband has done wonders to help me come to terms with this reality. The frustration and anger that used to bubble up during these times has been turned way down. I still get frustrated and angry about it sometimes but it isn't as frequently or as severe as it used to be.I'll never be able to really thank my husband for this and a thousand other ways he makes my life better.


  1. Isn't it funny how you can laugh through the tears when sharing the ordeal with your loved one?! I've been there, and we joked about it, too.
    Just know that if you keep laughing, joking, and keep finding sources to make you happy and does get better. My pain is so minimal now most of the time. I hope yours becomes this way too!

    Happy New Year Miss M!

  2. yeah on the 400th post! I hope the migraine isn't a bad one.